This PSU came from my old computer, it is dusty and store in my warehouse. I found this when try to look for used components from TV circuits. I don’t often keep spare circuits to find a good component, but I have planned to make LC meter for my repair bench. 

I have already bought the LCD from ebay and looking for polystyrene capacitor that I needed, so I search my warehouse and found this old PSU. I couldn’t find a store that sells this type of capacitor here. It was really hard to find good components here, and if I have to purchase just one or two pieces, it would not benefit to buy from other’s city.

This PSU was made in Taiwan and I just found the model is IBP-150. It has four rails power source which are:
-         +5V = 17A
-         +12V = 5A
-         -5V = 0.5A
-         -12V = 0.5A

The +5V rail has a big current. The transformer looks decent for me. EMI filter was really good though. I think this PSU could really do the 150W from his label. I just keep on my warehouse after cleaning it. I don’t know what to do with this PSU since my ATX PSU still alive and I have 4 spare PSU too. Nothing much to say, the PCB looks good after cleaning, I just need to scrape the glue.

Here it is before cleaning

 The specifications and label

After Cleaning

I think this PSU good enough for Lab PSU. I need to find a time to modify this.
Have fun and thank you to visit my blog.

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