One day, after design your layout and send the Gerber files to PCB manufacturing, but after your PCB arrived you just realized that your PCB missed some traces!

What will you gonna do? Maybe you just throw it out, or attached some wires to fix it. Why? You don’t need to get stressed from your owns mistake if you know how to inspect your board well before send it to manufacturing. There is always a chance of errors when you design a board. I want to let you know how to see unrouted nets when you are designing a board. As Eagle CAD user, you’ll find this guide really useful.

There are ways to manage such a problem. Keep this in mind when you are design a board and everything should be okay. First, I’ll show you how to find unrouted nets from the layer settings menu. You can find this button on “View” and then click “Layer  settings” or look at your left Eagle window and click an image like this below symbol which I marked with red circle.
How to Find Unrouted Nets with Eagle Cad
Then a new pop-up window will appear, and click “None” and you just have to click the “unrouted” layer, then click “Apply” and “OK”.
How to Find Unrouted Nets with Eagle Cad
When all of this step already taken, you can inspect which nets that still unrouted.
I will show you another trick with typing. Eagle is really good software which has tools to inspect unrouted nets. Type “run length” and you’ll see pop-up window appeared and just click “Ok”. Another pop-up window will give information about wire length of layout, and at the right of the window you can see unrouted information like below picture.

How to Find Unrouted Nets with Eagle Cad

If none unrouted nets were found, the information just shows --.

Please bear in mind, when you do board layout, please check if your board and schematic has a consistency. You can use your ERC button to make sure. You can choose this button from “Tools’ in the top of Eagle menu. If there are no errors anymore, the bottom of your Eagle will show a text “no errors / warnings“. 

On your bottom right Eagle window there is one little circle with some color if your board finished, if f/b annotation between your schematic and board has consistency, the circle will show green color, if none your circle will show another color. See below picture about the warning if your schematic and board are not consistent.

How to Find Unrouted Nets with Eagle Cad

By the way, you can see my method to find component easily with Eagle CAD.
I hope you could find this little guide helpful, thank you.

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