Regardless, you are new in electronics or expert, we have to search for components suitable to our needs and that is not hard if you are an expert who is usually designed circuit and know where to get your parts without too much effort. Personally, I buy the parts that I needed in my city because I always find what I need there, sometimes when I don’t get the parts for my circuit, I have just ordered it from online via eBay or my country website. I have a friend which always orders the parts via online and sometimes he shares with me about his story, some online store looks good and some didn’t.

This website list that I publish could be your source for getting the components. This entire list base on my friend’s sharing. You can find an idea where to buy your needed components base on your budget, location, or shipping time. Please bear in mind, the shipping time couldn’t be justified just from my friend experiences because most of it depend on our locations, sometimes other’s location have a faster time to arrive.
1.  eBay
You can find as many as you wanted here, not just an electronics part. You can search for another item as well like as camera, bike, boot, clothes, etc. sometimes the seller has a good documentation and knowledge about what they sell, sometimes don’t even know what they sell. Most of item has free shipping fees to attract consumer. Shipping time depends on your location and your options, you can ask the seller for faster shipping service with additional cost.
2.  Digikey
Most of electronic enthusiast likes to order from here. They sell many parts for your need, if you are just starting with electronics, this place is suite you pretty much. One thing to keep in mind, you have to know the components part name to order from here. The prices are cheap, and the shipping time looks good.
3.  Badcaps
If you need really good capacitors for your motherboard or PSU, here is the right place for you. They sell many types good capacitor like Panasonic, Rubycon, Nichicon, etc. The forum existed too, so you can ask the owner or administrator where to find what you want. I thought the part’s cost didn’t expensive; the shipping is depending on your location.
4.  Sparkfun
If you like playing with a microcontroller, maybe this is the best place for you. They have many parts, kits and assembled one. You can buy microcontroller programmer from here, they have many type to choose for. The item’s manual is good, and have a good tutorial about microcontroller. Some circuit is open source which means we could build it our self. The prices look a bit expensive, but really worth your time and money if you search for some custom kits. 
There are other sites to find your parts, just take a look with Google. I know other names like as Adafruit, Ladyada, Farnell, Mouser, and Seed Studio etc. You can go to there too. You can make a comparison between them and choose the one suit you much. As said “many roads to Rome”, try different stores too, maybe you’ll find where the best is for you. Do search as much as you can and make a decision about the places to buy, so you’ll happy with it.

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