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Forums are all over the web. Some questions, get answer, some just neglected at all and the problem is you don't know the reasons. You know how to ask questions at the right time and in the right place just isn't enough when asking a question in forums, but it should be followed by the proper way so that interested forum members read it and answer the questions.

My first experience when ask something that mainly related to electronics forums made me realize something. It needs a few key points to get answered in a forum. The thread I created had a response a bit because I didn't figure out in advance.

Have you ever neglected in a forum when asking a question and no one answers it? Pissed Off? Actually, there are certain rules, procedures and reasons to do so. We cannot hope to instantly get the correct answer that quickly.

Members of the forum that you visit might be a busy man/woman so they didn't get to see all the threads and ignore the perceived less important questions.
We have to apply below steps before asking the questions in the forum. So are you ready?

Here is the reasons you didn't get answer in forum:


1. Make sure the answer of questions you are going to ask are not on the web or if the asnwers are on the web like Google, there may be technical or language barriers that are less understood. Try using Google Translate to translate it. If the results of translating less satisfying, try to explain clearly and fully in your question.

2. Try looking for a guide on your question, just maybe there's a manual somewhere.

3. Be sure to read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before ask and do a search in the forum. If the question was not asked on the forum you can ask it directly with a new thread.

4. Do a thorough search on Google or other search engines such as Yahoo to research these questions. Don't make yourself look ignorance and just want to get a rapid and easy answer without doing nothing.

5. We can do a discussion or ask a friend with email or mailing list, maybe they could give the answer.

6. At the time of the answer you're looking for is still not obtained after all efforts that said above, create a thread about your questions and explain in detail what we have done and the results we get.

7. Use a clear and bright picture if you would like to inquire about specific parts of the picture, do not use a camera that can't deliver maximum results in our picture.

The last thing might sound funny because my English is any less good, but needs to be emphasized when asking a question is try to make grammar, spelling and punctuation were rendered correctly.
Do your best even though our native language we're not English. Once you ask a question in the forum, don't be in a hurry to get the answer. Not everyone has a lot of free time.

I've seen someone make a question with multiple threads at the same time, they are impatient and want to get the answer immediately, of course this is not allowed. That's likely irritating people.

Learn about the forum that we entered. If you sign in to a television technician forum, do not make a thread title like "I NEED HELP!"or "PLEASE HELP ME!" Don't blame me if no one answered you.

In some forums there are provisions to include the name and model of the device you're question. Do with specific and clearly as "LG Flatron LCD Monitor Model L178WSS Shutdown Intermittenly". Just sit down sweetly and I'm sure this question will be answered within a relative short time.

Note the sentence do you use when used to designate a component, do not use words such as "That big capacitor". Better to use a more specific wording and details like "One capacitor 2200uF on + 5V trace"

Open minded and making it clear that you are able and willing to help in the process of developing the solution for yourself. When they suggest to read the manual or datasheet, do and give follow-up question if there are still less understood. Lastly, do what you need to do first before asking a question.

This article is not limited to electronics forums only, we can use the basic guidelines in this article to other forums so we can get answered in forum immediately. Don't forget to read how to use light bulb trick.

Have fun and thanks for coming here.

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