Many people around the world, especially whom are tinkering with electronics knew this software. I have some difficulty when using this software for the first time, I couldn’t find components which I want easily, when I type component’s name in the search button, it was really hard to manage it. I made this below picture as an example.

You can see when I type cap as a capacitor short name. There is no result about capacitors. The results just fuse and inductor neosid, except if you added library files from Sparkfun website. They have made capacitor library name as “cap xxx” so it will show if you use this method, but what if you don’t use them libraries in your Eagle CAD?

Find Component Easily EagleCAD
 The method I will show just a simple method but you’ll find this is really useful when you are using Eagle CAD. You don’t need incredible knowledge to manage this, you just need a little time to read my tip here and you’ll find whatever components you wanted. Eagle CAD was really impressed when I use it for the first time, GUI was really friendly and attractive, full of color, you can attach polygon easily too.

Just one sentence could expressed by myself, awesome friendly GUI software !! I couldn’t help myself away from Eagle CAD. I have used other software and it was good enough, but I still like Eagle CAD more than it. Please don’t ask me to shout another software name, no offense.
The next step from this tip is about typing, if you type capacitor, of course you’ll find capacitor components, but we need a faster time to build the schematic !! If you type resistor, capacitor, inductor, transformer, bla bla bla…ougggghhh please don’t. I usually type resis for resistor, cap for capacitor and it was really saved my time. Okay, I’ve talked a lot. Just add *components name* in search button and you’ll be ready to use Eagle CAD easily.

See below picture as example, I type *cap* and you can see capacitor were shown.
Find Component Easily with Eagle CAD
Below picture as example when I type *resis*.
Find Component Easily with EagleCAD
You just need a little creativity when you type for components name, if you type *rel* to find relay, it was sure you’ll found it. This method can be used to find any components that you need. Just open your Eagle CAD now and you are ready to go. Have a good day and thank you for coming here.

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