Finally, my wish to have Transistor Tester from eBay is reached. I just bought the transistor tester on August 21. I don't want to make it myself because it seems like not worth my money and time. The price offered from eBay when compared with the price of buy components and time that needed to design it myself seriously unprofitable.

Imagine if I ordered from other towns ATMega328 IC, because nobody sells this in my city. I have to pay for about six bucks for one IC, plus transportation fee about two bucks. It has been already eight dollars. I have to take time to design itself with PCB software. 

Last, I need to buy other components like a resistor, LCD, capacitor, etc. This is really not worth time and money. You can purchase one from eBay for just about $15 bucks as a kit. Actually, I buy it with the money that I earned from writing articles. It is still useful as test equipment for my hobby.

The transistor tester that I buy come as a kit. The IC is ATMega328 DIP version, looks good for me because I can change it easier. The price I bought it for not too expensive at that moment, US$ 14.99. The drawback is we must install its components yourself. I decide to buy a kit version because already made version a little bit expensive and the advantage is I can still have the joy to assemble it. What makes me annoyed is the seller lower the price just two days after my purchase, the price goes down to US$ 14.21.

You can see below picture as seller example to show how it looks the assembled one.
How About Transistor Tester from eBay

Pretty good PCB, the space made for battery looks good too, and I can make the case from acrylic for this transistor tester. There are many variations on eBay, some use SMD IC, that’s the one make me consider to choose the DIP IC version. 

One more advantage about this, it could be powered by DC wall wart adapter. It seems like the seller doesn’t have a manual or know how to set it up. So I hope the components sent and the components name printed on the board is quite clear, so there is no difficulty to assemble it. 

Until now, the item still doesn’t arrive, hopefully, it could come faster. Maybe I'll create the manual for you who want to try purchasing from kits, just email me if you want it or maybe I’ll make a thread about this transistor tester manual from eBay later. Thank you for coming here.

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