You must ever heard blogging if you are really like to sit in front of your computer full of days without doing anything, don’t you? Blog owner has many intentions to build a blog, someone uses it as health club, campaign tools, diary, list about school task, or storage of company’s item or data, etc. You can interact with other people around the world just sitting in front of computer and share about anything like a hobby, news, healthy topics, fitness and many other things.

Usually personal blog is owned by one person. Sometimes there are many writers to back up one blog like a company blog. The blog offers us to chat with another user to share everything; most of the blog have availability to leave a comment or feedback. Recently, there are two blogs have many users and well known. Blogger and Wordpress. 

As blog widely known now, there are some positive side and negative side. The negative side is many blogs have a plagiarism content, fortunately the giants of the internet still have a good system to manage this, as example Google. Now there are many countries make a cyber crime law too, and it is really good to prevent something bad happened like human trafficking or violence contents.

What is the good point about blogging? Why many people like to use it?

For the first thing, I would like to say the blog is about freedom. You can share anything, everything. You can make it as your diary, as photo storage, etc. there are no strict rules about it as long as you don’t make such a mistake like plagiarism or contents that include violence or adult video. 

The second thing about blog is you can interact with all of the people, which have a same hobby, same mind like you; make a friend with everyone and even you can make a date from there. 

At least but not last, you can make a blog as simple as you are playing a game. You don’t have to know about HTML, XML, CSS, etc to make a blog. There are many websites which offer you software or tools to make your blogging job easier.

So many stories about blogging, some people make it as a full time job because he/she could get an income writing for his/her blog. This is possible and true as long as you have decent writing skills, work hard, discipline and have a good knowledge about the contents. 

Actually the blogging is about give. Yes I said “give”. You’ll get what you give. If you want to get many visitors to your blog, there are many ways to do that. One of popular way is about SEO.

Another thing is your blog have to be a good service “tools” for the others. When someone likes about your contents, they will go to your site again as much as he wants to read another update information from your blog. He/she will be your loyal readers and this makes your blog have a decent traffic. More traffic means more income if you use some marketing tools like advertisements. 

Bear in mind, you have to share something useful and informative contents for your readers to get a good traffic for your blog.  Blogging is really good if you have time and like writing, you can earn everything from blogging, not just money.

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