I make a conclusion to hope everybody would get benefit from reading this. As repairer, the first important thing you must know is testing electronic components, nothing you can do if you aren’t capable to test electronic equipment with a right ways. You don’t have always followed others advice, somebody like to use analog multimeter and somebody like to use digital meter. Use whatever meter you feel confident about. 

I am staying with analog meter for some case, and digital meter in some case. If you are not good in testing electronic equipment, the chance is you will miss bad components which you trust it to be good. Yes, I know some components could be faulty under load, but that is rare and another case. You can also buy Mr Jestine Yong book about "Testing Electronics Components".

Please use Isolation Transformer for your safety and your oscilloscope. I said it again in this thread because safety first when you want to repair anything, electricity will bite you if you are careless. You can buy it or just do it yourself. You don’t have to play with electricity; it is such an animal will make a pain in your ass if some mistake existed. I can recall my first time where I touch the fuse and get electrocuted, that is a really bad experience. Trust me. Don’t do a repair job without someone beside you and when you have finished your job, keep the eyes do burn test, don’t ever leave it without someone to see it. It may burn your whole house or your lab.

Sometimes repair electronics would be hard and confusing. It is good to make habits to take a photo of your equipment to make you “remember” where the cables or components need to attach. Bear in mind, if you want to ask question about your circuit in forums, they need a picture too. This will make your life easier and the chance of success to repair your equipment will be higher. If you can’t provide a good picture, nobody will answer your question. The first thing to remember is asking the question politely, don’t type chat messenger’s words such as “I 4m t00, plz, hvn’t”. You can keep my words, nobody will answer that question.

The other thing about the repair is your ability to read schematic diagram, some equipment could be repaired just by simple voltage check, but some equipment needs a complicated service manual to read and this will make your job easier if you know about this. As far as I know, maybe this is a dumb advice because most of the people do repair can read schematic well. Nothing wrong about this, it is better to let you know than just keep this alone.

Have a right equipment to troubleshoot your equipment would be essential; you don’t test capacitor’s ESR with capacitance meter, do you? If you want to test LCD monitor CCFL, you can use CCFL tester. Ah, the last is you have to good in soldering job. Yes that is fundamental if you want to serious about repair or build circuits. SMD components and IC would be hard to solder, but if you learn the right technique, that is not too hard.

I have post a guide to help Troubleshoot LCD TV or Monitor problem. You may want to read it. Thank you.

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