Actually, many progammer for your microcontroller IC and according to which IC you prefer to use. If you like to use AVR microchip, you are likely ever heard about USBasp. Nothing special with this programmer from the others, but you could find this for just about 2 bucks on ebay. Despite about it's cheap price, this programmer is really good. It is small size and the important thing about UBSasp is free open source on hardware and software. It supports avrdude (WinAVR) as well. So you don't spend much money or time if you want to learn micronctroller especially with AVR. You could find any website which could teach you how to install and using it. Sometimes there are people have fun from build something for their hobby.

You don't have to ashamed about this, that's not just about to save money. We could find fun and joy when builds it ourself. Even your design don't looks professional, you must be happy to see your design is working and live. Actually, the circuit just needs one ATMega 8 IC and other cheap components to get it working, the price of building can't compare with ebay's cheap price. My city sells ATMega 8 IC about US$2.8 and that is almost the price for one ready use USBasp from ebay. Since I have a free time, I don't mind to make USBasp layout just for fun. There are many designs around the internet, but If you want to build it yourself, you may see my layout for your design.
Here is the schematic
Homemade USBasp Programmer

 Just same as original circuit from here.
Below picture is my layout design.
Homemade USBasp Programmer
The transparent artwork for attaching your components.
Homemade USBasp Programmer
I suggest you just to buy it, because it is not worth your time and money to make this. Have fun and thanks for coming here.

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